Barvinsky / Skoryk

September 10th 6:00 pm,
Wesseling, Kirche St. Germanus

The third concert of the festival is a highlight of the event and is dedicated to the talented Ukrainian composers Vasyl Barvinsky and Myroslav Skoryk, who were born in the beautiful city of Lviv. In celebration of their anniversaries, which are being commemorated this year, we invite you to immerse yourself in their brilliant works, brought to life in a chamber music evening within a magical atmosphere.

This unique event will reveal a treasure trove of compositions, some of which will be performed on a German stage for the first time, such as Barvinsky's arrangement of Lysenko's "Dream" and Skoryk's Trio (2015). The concert's program captivates with its harmonious blend of delicate melodies and complex arrangements. The concert has been prepared by pianist Violina Petrychenko and cellist Max Rymar, who have traveled from Lviv specifically for this concert to transport you into the world of deep musical emotions created by these composers. Rymar will perform Barvinsky's suite and Skoryk's aria for the first time.

They will be accompanied by the renowned violinist Natalia Gordeyeva, currently residing in Copenhagen. She has prepared brilliant compositions by Myroslav Skoryk for you. Together, these virtuosos form the masterful Skoryk Trio.

Vasyl Barvinsky is one of the most significant Ukrainian composers. His fate was tragic. He achieved great success and was one of the most respected musicians in Ukraine at the beginning of the 20th century. He performed concerts throughout Europe, and his works were performed worldwide (England, Japan, and America). He had numerous students and served as the rector of the conservatory in Lviv for more than twenty years. However, there came a day when he lost everything. His strongly pro-Ukrainian stance was perceived as a threat by the Soviet authorities, and he was accused of espionage. All his records were destroyed, and the composer himself spent 10 years in the Gulag. This year, we celebrate his 135th birthday.

Myroslav Skoryk is a Hero of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, recipient of the Shevchenko National Prize, and holder of the Order of the Badge of Honor and the Order of Merit, 3rd class. Myroslav Skoryk is one of the brightest representatives of the contemporary generation of composers. His music, encompassing both ethnic flair and contemporary technique, has entered the repertoire of numerous domestic and international artists.

Dive into the multifaceted cultural heritage of Ukrainian music and enjoy the enchantment unfolding in each note of this concert. Discover the nuanced expressions, lively rhythms, and imaginative journeys intertwined in the works of Barvinsky and Skoryk.

Kirche St. Germanus

Bonnerstr 1
50389 Wesseling


Vasyl Barvinsky (1888-1963)

  • Song in G minor (piano)


  • Suite for cello and piano
    1. introduction
    2. humoresque
    3. lullaby
    4. dance


  • Humoresque for violin and piano

M. Lysenko-Barvinsky

  • "Dream"

Vasyl Barvinsky

  • Piano Trio
  • 2 movement Lullaby

Myroslav Skoryk (1938-2020)


  • A- RI- A for cello and piano
  • Carpathian Rapsody for Violin and Piano

  • Trio for violin, cello and piano