Sounds of Ukraine

Ukrainian Music Festival

Ukrainian music culture remains a mystery to many European listeners. The global community's attention turned to the independent state with a centuries-old history when the flames of war erupted on February 24, 2022. The aggressors did not limit themselves to the destruction of cities, towns, factories, and power plants, poisoning of rivers, and mining of fields. They aimed to destroy the awareness of Ukrainian history, literature, and music and mock the Ukrainian language. Defenders of the state are defending Ukraine on the frontlines, and artists are not standing aside. They are participating in the collective struggle for peace, life, and culture. After all, the voice of every nation enriches the European chorus. The "Sounds of Ukraine" festival offers an opportunity to experience Ukrainian musical traditions, see the modern musical portrait of a peace-loving nation, and express support for Ukraine.

“Sounds of Ukraine” is the first festival of Ukrainian classical music in Germany, and the unique one in unveiling its various branches. You will hear the beauty of Ukrainian romance and enjoy a journey through violin repertoire from the 19th century to the present day. You will get acquainted with the most famous Ukrainian composers such as Lysenko, Kosenko, Barvinsky, Skoryk, and Silvestrov, and discover the traditions of Christmas in Ukraine. We invite you to immerse in the captivating world of Ukrainian music and feel the beauty and depth of this cultural heritage.

Let's do this together and draw attention to Ukrainian culture. Visit our website to learn more about the festival, view the program, and reserve free tickets. Become a part of this unique musical journey and support Ukraine in its cultural and existential struggle.

All concerts are charitable. The funds will go towards the needs of people affected by the war and left homeless.

Pianistin Violina Petrychenko

For many years, I have been organizing concerts featuring Ukrainian piano music to introduce Europeans to the richness and beauty of Ukrainian music.

Since last year, I have noticed a great interest in Ukrainian culture and have consistently received positive feedback after my programs. Therefore, I have decided to expand the horizon and organize the first festival of Ukrainian classical music in Germany. My dream is to demonstrate different eras, styles, and moods, bringing together various musicians united by the common desire to unveil the rich world of Ukrainian music to Europe.

And this dream is now coming true. I am excited to present to you a series of diverse concerts under the theme "Sounds of Ukraine." My goal is to make the festival program as diverse as possible, featuring not only classical but also contemporary Ukrainian music. The festival consists of five concerts, each with its own unique theme.


Concerts 2023


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