Dialogue with Silence"

November 15th 7:00 pm,
Bonn, Klavierhaus Klavins

Immerse yourself in a world of musical reflection and subtle harmonies with the program "Dialogue with Silence," dedicated exclusively to the Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov. The musical presence of Silvestrov, the most prominent living composer of Ukraine, deserves special mention. His works are described as anti-monuments that appear to be created in the present but imbued with a romantic spirit. Silvestrov sees melody as equivalent to a person's smile, facilitating direct connection with the audience. His compositions evoke a unique atmosphere of silence and beauty.

In our hectic and noisy world, where distractions abound, we often lack the opportunity to follow our thoughts and hear our dreams. In this poetic, refined, and graceful program, we invite you to delve into the realm of imagination and experience the reality of our dreams, creating images of our ideal world as we move through silence.

For Ukrainian pianist Violina Petrychenko, the significance of silence is particularly important. In Ukraine, marked by war and rocket attacks, silence is often a luxury.

Violina Petrychenko will create a beautiful atmosphere with her delicate and gentle sound, enchanting the audience. A highlight of the program is the "5 Melodies for Violin and Piano," interpreted by the outstanding violinist Kateryna Kostiuk. These melodies are renowned for their melodic beauty and ability to create a poetic atmosphere that resonates directly with listeners.


- **Valentin Silvestrov (*1937)**
  - **Naive Music**
    - Waltz
    - Nocturne
    - Fairy Tale
    - Idyll
    - Nocturne
    - Prelude
    - Waltz
  - **Three Bagatelles op. 1**
    - Allegretto
    - Moderato
    - Moderato
  - **5 Pieces for Violin and Piano**
    - Elegy
    - Serenade
    - Intermezzo
    - Barcarolle
    - Nocturne