Ukrainian Masterpieces for Clarinet and Piano

November 14th 7:00 pm,
Düsseldorf , Bechstein Centrum

Immerse yourself in a world of musical enchantment and passionate devotion, presented by two outstanding Ukrainian musicians: Andrii Paliarush on clarinet and Ievgenia Iermachkova on piano invite you on an unforgettable journey through the diversity of Ukrainian musical tradition.

Let's begin with Levko Kolodub's "Poem" – a musical poetic narrative exploring the depths of the human soul, captivating with its sonic beauty and emotional intensity. Next, hear Boris Lyatoshynsky's "Melody", a delicate composition that touches the soul with its simplicity and profound emotional power.

Continuing in the program is Rostyslav Demchyshyn's "Mrii", a musical vision transforming dreams and aspirations into sounds, immersing listeners in a world of fantasy. Carl Maria von Weber's "Grand Duo" combines technical brilliance with melodic elegance, elevating music to its highest spheres.

Yuriy Shchurovsky's "Romance" is a romantic composition that touches the heart and captivates the soul with its deep emotional expression. Finally, Myroslav Skoryk's "Karpathian Rhapsody" is a vibrant rhapsody capturing the beauty and fascination of the Carpathian Mountains with its compelling energy and cultural depth.

Experience a night of music where the sounds of clarinet and piano transcend the boundaries of possibility, enchanting your senses. Let yourself be seduced by the magic of Ukrainian music and the virtuosity of its performers as they take you on a musical journey through space and time.


- Levko Kolodub (*1927-2016*). Poem
- Borys Lyatoshynsky (*1895-1968*). Melody
- Lyudmyla Shukailo (*1946-*). Romance
- Rostyslav Demchyshyn (*1949-*). Mrii
- Carl Maria von Weber (*1786-1826*). Grand Duo
- Yuriy Shchurovsky (*1945-*). Romance
- Myroslav Skoryk (*1938-2020*). Carpathian Rhapsody