The sound of the Ukrainian heart in 4 hands

November 2nd 7:00 pm,
Monheim am Rhein, Aula am Berliner Ring

On this exciting evening of the festival, the musicians offer you an unrivalled concert featuring a unique repertoire of rare four-hand piano works by Ukrainian composers. You will be transported to a special world of music, where the piano keys will reveal the hidden treasures of the Ukrainian musical heritage.

Embark on the fascinating life stories of Feodor Akimenko and Myroslav Skoryk, two prominent Ukrainian composers whose biographical details add depth to their works. Akimenko's compositions are steeped in Ukrainian folklore and song melodies, creating elegant musical masterpieces that touch the soul. Skoryk's works add a touch of humour and irony to the concert, inviting the audience to a musical journey filled with delightful surprises.

This concert will also feature gifted children from Ukraine. Their energy and musicianship will capture your hearts and remind us of the infinite power of music to transcend boundaries.

We sincerely invite you to this musical journey where tradition meets innovation and the beauty of Ukrainian culture is revealed before your eyes. Be a part of a concert that not only showcases incredible compositions, but also fosters the talents of young musicians, creating an intergenerational bridge and expanding the love of music without boundaries.


Theodore  Akimenko (1876-1945)

  • Idyllische Bilder:
  • 1. Walzer
  • 2. Pastorale
  • 3. Elegie
  • 4. Ländlicher Tanz
  • 5. Romanze

Anatolij Kos-Anatolskyi (1909-1983)

Dovbusch's Schal

Theodore Akimenko

  • Sechs ukrainische Stücke
  • 1. Dumka
  • 2. Tanz
    3. Lied
    4. Hochzeit
  • 5. November

Michel Zawadski (1828-1888)

Elfte Ukrainische Schumka

Myroslav Skoryk (1938-2020)

  • Jazz-Paraphrasen von Beethovens Werken
  • 1. Mondscheinsonate
  • 2. Appassionata
  • 3. Für Elise