Ukrainische Kammermusik im Wandel der Zeit: Barvinsky/Lyatoschynsky

November 17th 7:00 pm,
Köln , Basilika St. Aposteln

**Closing Concert of the Festival**

The closing concert is dedicated to the chamber music of Ukrainian composers Vasyl Barvinsky and Borys Lyatoshynsky. Their works combine national characteristics with universal themes and emotions.

**Vasyl Barvinsky (1888-1963)**

Vasyl Barvinsky, a prominent Ukrainian composer, pianist, and educator, blended deep lyricism and drama with folk motifs in his music. His piano quintet is an example of the synthesis of European classicism and Ukrainian traditions, with a special epilogue in the second movement, "Prayer," solely for string instruments.

**Borys Lyatoshynsky (1895-1968)**

Borys Lyatoshynsky shaped Ukrainian music in the 20th century. His works are distinguished by complex harmonies and philosophical depth. His piano quintet impresses with emotional intensity and technical perfection.

Both composers combined national traditions with modern European currents and experimented with form and harmony to express national identity in their music.

Basilika St. Aposteln

Neumarkt 30
50667 Köln


Vasyl Barvinsky Piano Quintett 

Borys Lyatoshynsky Piano Quinett