From Bologna to Lviv

November 16th 7:00 pm,
Köln, Fridenskirche Köln


This concert takes you on a musical journey from Bologna to Lviv, featuring works by prominent European and Ukrainian composers. Experience the elegance and diversity of the Baroque and Classical periods with compositions by Corelli, Bach, Martini, and Mozart. The program is complemented by Ukrainian masterpieces from Bortnianskyi, Berezovskyi, and Tuptalo, which blend Italian influences with national traditions.


- Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713). Sonata in e-moll Op. 5 No. 8


- Johann Christian Bach - Keyboard Sonata in A Major, Op.17 No.5



- Dmytro Bortnianskyi (1751–1825). Recitative of Alcide “I cielo! Già da mio sguardo…” and aria “Dove ando, son desto…” from opera “Alcide


- Josef Mysliveček (1737–1781). Sonata for violin and piano in D major


- Maksym Berezovskyi (1745–1777). Aria of Timant “Prudente mi chiedi?” from opera “Demofonte


- Giovanni Battista Martini (1706–1781). Sonata for cello in A minor


- Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713) Trio- sonata in C major Op 4 No. 1
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791). “Laudate Dominum” from choir composition “Vesperae solennes de confessore”, K. 339
- Dmytro Tuptalo (1651-1709)

Arr. Bohdan Sehin (1976). «Mother of Mercy»