Terra Barocco

Chamber Music

Early Music Ensemble of the Myroslav Skoryk Lviv National Philharmonic, formed in December 2023. It consists of well-known Ukrainian musicians and soloists of the Philharmonic

The collective’s background dates back to September 2020 and is connected with Anna Ivaniushenko’s author’s series of philharmonic concerts called “Terra Barocco”. The musicians of the ensemble have repeatedly performed original conceptual programs at such international festivals as the Virtuososi Music Festival, the Lviv Early Music Festival, and the Early Music Festival in Szczecin (Poland). Programs such as From Bologna to Lviv, Baroque à Trois, Musical Bridges, “Nyckelharp & Harpsichord”, “European Muses Are Not Silent, etc. were broadcast to audiences around the world as part of the anti-crisis online broadcast project Ukraine. Muses Do Not Speak” and reached more than 10 thousand listeners, and introduced them to ancient Ukrainian music as part of European culture.

A valuable experience of foreign cooperation for the ensemble’s musicians was the partnership with the Ancient Music Foundation (2023, Szczecin, Poland), partnership with the Center for Ancient Music “zamus” (2022-2023, Cologne, Germany), etc.

This year the ensemble took part at the 23rd Early Music Festival in Szczecin (Poland), the 43rd international music festival ‘Virtuosos” (Lviv, Ukraine), and the 23rd festival in Stockholm (Sweden).

The acquired experience and professional achievements of each member of the ensemble led to the emergence of an independent creative group “Terra Barocca”, which is growing today with the formation of the Lviv School of historically informed performance.

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