Ukrainian Poem. Chamber Music for Violin and Piano

September 8th 7:00 pm,
Wesseling, Kirche St. Germanus

The first concert is called "Ukrainian Poem" and showcases the beauty of Ukrainian violin repertoire from the 19th and 21st centuries.

Natalia Gordeeva and Violina Petrichenko will engage in an insightful chamber conversation about Ukraine. "Ukrainian Poem," like the genre itself, rooted in an ancient literary tradition, firmly combines elements of the past and the present. Here, beauty and nostalgia intertwine to create palimpsests of thoughts that must now be transformed into the attentive listener's own conclusions. How have life's vicissitudes unexpectedly led the entire culture from Lysenko's carefree Biedermeier to the delicate simplicity of Skoryk's melody? What are the semantic parallels between Beethoven's variations and Kosenko's "Dreams"? Of course, the program does not ignore the current signs of our time. New works by Morten Jessen and Taras Zdaniuk will sound like a bitter reminder of today's Kyiv and the air raids on Ukraine.

In composing the program, the artists aimed to uncover the musical code of Ukraine. They have gathered the most significant and meaningful works that allow the listener to delve into the depths of Ukraine's spiritual treasures. Spanning different times, from the 19th century to the latter half of 2022, the pieces reflect the specific atmosphere of each era.

This program is a journey through the perspectives that have shaped and continue to shape this young nation. It is an emotional journey to understand the phenomenon of a heroic nation.

Kirche St. Germanus

Bonnerstr 1
50389 Wesseling


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

  • Variationen über das ukrainische Thema

Mykola Lysenko (1842-1912)

  • Elegie zum Gedenken an Shevchenko.
  • Moment der Verzweiflung

Viktor Kosenko (1896-1938)

  • Träume

Stanislaw Ljudkewitsch (1879-1979)

  • Golosinnya

Morten Jessen (1985



Taras Zdanjuk (1999

  •  07:12. Erster Luftalarm

Jewgeni Stankowitsch (1942

  • Ukrainische Poeme

Julius Meitus (1903-1997)

  • 3 Stücke
  • Poeme
  • Nocturne
  • Allegro