Ukrainian Romance

September 9th 6:00 pm,
Wesseling, Kirche St. Germanus

The second concert is all about singing. The Ukrainian language is considered one of the most melodic languages in the world and it is no wonder that people in Ukraine love to sing. The concert programme includes folk songs as well as poetic romances by Stetsenko, Alchevsky, Barvinsky and brilliant arias from operas by Meitus and Dankewitsch.

Kirche St. Germanus

Bonnerstr 1
50389 Wesseling


Kyrylo Stetsenko (1882–1922)

  • Evensong
  • I stood listening to the spring
  • I look at the bright stars

Gregory Alchevsky (1866-1920)

  • The soul is a delicate lily of the valley

Yuliy Meitus (1903–1997)

  • Ballade

Konstantyn Dankevich (1905-1984)

  • Varvara's aria from the opera "Bogdan Khmelnytsky

Vasyl Barvinskyj (1888–1963)


  • Evening at home

 Valentyn Silvestrov (1937*)

  • from the cycle "Silent Songs„
  • "World, Farewell" (from the dream of Shevchenko)
  • La Belle Dame sans merci (J. Keats, Russian translation: V. Levik)

Five songs on verses by Ivan Franko:

1. your eyes
2. oy you, girl
3. flies away with the wind
4. the snow is falling
5. you will not bloom