Ukrainian Christmas

December 15th 7:00 pm,
Bonn, Klavierhaus Klavins

The fifth concert is dedicated to the Christmas celebrations. Christmas is a magical time that we all eagerly await. Ukraine has a great number of Christmas rituals and songs. This concert will feature various piano arrangements.

The program opens with the enchanting cycle "Songs of the Winter Night" by Czech composer V. Novák, where contrasts merge into a single entity - the moonlit night and the turbulent, fairy-tale atmosphere of Christmas, as well as the festive carnival merriment. Vasil Barvinsky, a student of V. Novák, created his own unique cycle of arrangements of Ukrainian Christmas carols, which became a remarkable contribution to the development of Ukrainian musical culture. His arrangements convey the grandeur and beauty of Ukrainian folk music, leaving unforgettable impressions on the hearts of the audience and listeners.

The significance of fairy tales during the Christmas season lies in transporting us to a world of wonder, magic, and unpredictable adventures. The characters and events of fairy tales allow us to temporarily escape from everyday worries and immerse ourselves in a gentle and benevolent world where every wish can come true. Silvestrov's fairy tale is special with its softness, tenderness, and kindness, revealing a unique artistic realm capable of warming hearts and souls.

Mykola Dremlyuga, a talented musician and composer, created diverse works spanning different genres, enriching the world of music with symphonic pieces, chamber compositions, and beautiful songs. Two distinctive gems of his work are the standalone preludes from the cycle "Winter," which will be performed in the program, as well as the hopeful and rejuvenating piece "Spring Song." These musical masterpieces transport us to a world of enchanting music, unveiling the beauty and grandeur of these seasons in unforgettable melodies.


Serge Yushkevich (1953*)

  • Carol of the Bells fis-Moll

Vítězslav Novák  (1870-1949)

Songs of Winter Nights, op. 30
3. Song on Christmas night: Andante misterioso

 Vasyl Barvinsky (1888-1963)

  • Lied in g-moll
  • 12 Kolyadki (Ukrainische Weihnachtslieder )

Giya Kancheli (1935-2019)

  • 5 Miniaturen

Valentyn Silvestrov (1937

  • 5 Stücke zum Neuen Jahr

Moderato F-Dur
Allegretto G-Dur
Allegro As-Dur
Andante As-Dur
Moderato B-Dur

Märchen aus dem Zyklus "Naive Musik"